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Activities - Spring 2019

Published onFeb 24, 2019
Activities - Spring 2019


February 19 (E15-466)

  • 10am-11am: Guest Speaker, Alexis Hope (MIT Media Lab, Civic Media),

    Finding Your ‘North Star’: Principles for Value-Driven Design

  • 11am-1pm: Open Ocean Studio [KCB, JC, DN]

February 25 (E15-466)

  • 10am-12pm: Open Ocean Studio [AA, KCB, JSC, DN]

  • 12pm-1pm: Guest Speaker, Anna Michel (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution), Laser-based Sensing in Aqueous Environments

March 4 (E15-466) - Cancelled due to snow

  • 10am-11am: Allan Adams (MIT Future Ocean Lab), Bite-Size Ocean Projects

  • 11am-1pm: Open Ocean Studio [AA, JSC]

March 11 (E15-466)

  • 10am-11am: Open Ocean Studio [KCB, DN]

  • 11am-12pm: Open Ocean Team meeting

  • 12pm-1pm: Guest Speaker, Lily Simonson, Painting the Deep

March 18 (E15-466)

  • 10am-12pm: Open Ocean Studio [KCB, JSC, DN]

  • 12pm-1pm: Guest speaker, Peter Girguis (Harvard University), Sea For Yourself: How Deep Sea Processes Affect your Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness

March 25-26

  • My Deep Sea Debrief/Planning Meetings

March 27-29

  • DropCam training [Chow, Hope, Najjar, Novy + LEX/NG]

    • March 27: E15-466

    • March 28: Boston Harbor

    • March 29: E15-466

April 1 (E15-466)

  • No activities

April 8 (E15-466)

  • 10am-11am: Open Ocean Team meeting

  • 11am-12pm: Open Ocean Studio [AA, DN]

  • 12pm-1pm: Guest Speaker, tbc

April 15

  • No activities due to Patriot’s Day

April 22

  • No activities due to Member Week

April 29 (E15-466)

  • 10am-12pm: Open Ocean Studio [KCB, JSC, DN]

  • 12pm-1pm: Guest Speaker, Zara Mirmalek (Harvard University), Meshing Remote and Co-located Work: Human-technology Relationships in Space and Ocean Exploration

May 6 (E15-466)

  • 10am-11am: Brian Wang & Rogger Montes (MIT), Open Ocean UROP Project Reports

  • 10am-1pm: Open Ocean Studio [KCB, JSC, AA, DN]

May 8 (3rd Floor Atrium)

May 30 (MIT Sailing Pavilion, 134 Memorial Dr)

  • 5:30pm-6:00pm: Laura Perovich (ML Object-Based Media), SeeBoat: In situ Water Quality Displays for Communities

  • 6:00pm-7:30pm: BBQ!!

May 28-June 1

  • Open Water SCUBA class (course is full)


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